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Looking for a reptile cage to showcase your most prized reptiles? Our reptile cages for sale offer the ability to stack multiple cages to maximize the space available, but also provide each cage in high quality cabinet grade material. These reptile cages are the perfect habitat for nearly any reptile including bearded dragons, geckos, and turtles.

What size reptile cage do I need? The rule of thumb for sizing a reptile cage depends on the maximum length of your reptile. If you have a 4' ball python then you will need a cage that has ~4 square feet of cage floor. That means a minimum of 2' x 2' cage is needed to keep a ball python. The size will differ depending on which reptiles you plan to keep. If you're unsure feel free to contact any reptile breeders on Each are ready and willing to help you take care of your reptile.

Are these reptile cages stackable? Yes, all of our cages are stackable with one another. You can stack all the reptile cages and snake cages interchangeably. We recommend only stacking these cages 6 high. In most cases you may not have the ceiling height to support 6 cages!

Can you customize a reptile cage? Yes we do offer customized designs for reptile cages. Please select any product below and fill out the contact form to inquire about customize that cage. We'll do our best to meet your requirements at a very affordable budget. We know if you're looking for a particular feature, so is the rest of the reptile industry.

What about shipping? The reptile industry has been struggling to provide high quality cages at an affordable price. With this new revolutionary design, we can ship you a reptile cage for $15-$20 based (depending on the size). Since we can provide a reptile cage that is unassembled we can ship it much cheaper than molded cages.

How hard are these reptile cages to assemble? We've all bought furniture at Walmart or Target. The bookshelves and shelves go together in a snap. We've done our best to minimize the screws and assembly time. Most of our reptile cages can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.


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Medium Snake Cage (48x24x12)
Medium black acrylic snake cage great for red tail boas or other snakes in the 8' range.

Our price: $270.00
Market price: $299.00 save 10%
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Small Snake Cage (3-in-1)
This cage is great for packing smaller snakes in a small space. You get 3 cages in 1!

Our price: $315.00
Market price: $349.00 save 10%
Quantity Out of stock
Snake Cages
Have you been looking for a low cost, high quality snake cages? Our snake cages feature cabinet grade material, stackability, and easy maintenance. These snake cages are a great way to feature your prized snakes. Everyone will be wondering where you found these awesome new snake cages! Please send them our way!

Our price: $149.00
Market price: $199.00 save 25%
Quantity Out of stock